Why Us?

Measurable RESULTS! Our Leadership Training Works

Are you tired of the same old lack luster leadership training programs? You know, the ones that leave you or your team bored and frustrated from wasting valuable time gaining minimal benefits.

Because we’ve been in your shoes for over 20 years living and breathing corporate America, we get it! The same frustration is the motivator behind CEO, Teresa Devine, who founded Serve Lead Succeed. As a CIO at the Fortune 500 level Teresa struggled to find effective leadership training for her team at an affordable cost. Once she found a good teaching, it was limited to one author or guru’s theory vs. real-world practical application. In fact, most of the leadership authors and theorists today have never led or managed a team in the business world. Can you imagine?!  Therefore, Teresa spent 5 years researching, training, and becoming certified in the areas necessary to develop the most effective leadership training program on the planet. So let’s define what they are.

4 Pillars of Holistic Leadership Development:

1. STRENGTHS SCIENCE: Identifying individual strengths along with team strengths is the essential foundation for building high-performance leaders and teams. Learning to apply and leverage specific strengths is how we succeed together. We are certified leadership coaching experts with CliftonStrengths. Everything we do, starts with strengths!

2. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Acquiring the proper leadership skills are fundamental for leadership competence. Without basic leadership skills, leading others effectively is futile. Those with natural leadership instincts will reach a certain level and stagnate. We offer over 250 leadership training courses online through self-study and live training led by Teresa Devine and other leadership experts. 

3. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Harvard Business Review reported Daniel Goleman saying, “The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: They all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence.” Like leadership skills, IQ and technical skills will carry you so far but high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the difference to advance to higher leadership positions. We are highly trained emotional intelligence experts.

4. REAL-WORLD APPLICATION: It’s extremely rare to find a leadership trainer and especially a Clifton Strengths Coach that’s climbed the corporate ladder to the C-Suite. We encourage our clients to leverage Teresa Devine’s real-world executive experience because she understands intimately how to implement her training’s and coaching into real-world settings. Teresa is not limited by highly intellectual theories that are not realistic in high stress corporate environments. Our leadership training and strengths coaching is deeply rooted in helping leaders liberate their potential and how to practically apply that in the workplace. It’s POWERFUL! 

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When you master the 4 pillars of successful leadership, you are FULFILLED, UNSTOPPABLE, BRILLIANT, AND ADMIRED!

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Who is Teresa Devine?

Known as the “Corporate Underdog” and not a likely candidate (on paper) to reach C-Level status among the Fortune 500, Teresa conquered the unlikely.

Teresa Devine is the CEO of Serve Lead Succeed and the brainchild behind Lead Like Heroes Leadership Academy and unparalleled leadership programs. Before starting her leadership training and coaching company, Teresa served in multiple technology leadership roles, including Chief Information Officer at a $10 billion Fortune 500 Company.

Teresa’s clients say that one of the key differences from other training companies is her real-world executive “know-how” that cannot be duplicated any other way.  Our clients include private equity to Fortune 500 companies. With thousands of hours coaching corporate professionals aligned with 20+ years inside corporate America, Teresa has led and seen it all. Teresa teaches what she practices because it’s the refined formula that fueled her climb from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top. Teresa shares this formula with companies and individual leaders who want to liberate themselves from inhibitions, limitations, and SUCCEED!

“I believe in the underdogs, and it’s thrilling to lead teams from lackluster workers into company heroes and rock star performers. It’s incredible to watch managers liberated to become genuine leaders. It’s what our world desperately needs more, and I’m humbled to play a part in making it happen.” – Teresa

Our Leadership Training Certifications

We know that to offer the best at Serve Lead Succeed, we have to become the best. Therefore, we chose to certify our team in the following training programs:

As you can see, our certifications serve as the bedrock of our unique approach to leadership development.  We uniquely combine the power of individual strengths, emotional intelligence development, and foundational leadership skills with real-world executive leadership know-how. Because of the proven results with our work, we believe that the workplace can transform and be more successful than ever imagined.  

“Our world is a better place with leaders driven to serve others with humility and integrity to reach ultimate success. Real success is achieved by pursuing a bigger purpose – far greater than any one individual.”
– Teresa Devine, CEO Serve Lead Succeed

If you have any questions or want to know how we can help, please contact us anytime.