Leadership Academy: Lead Like Heroes Launched Today

Leadership Academy Launch

NEW Leadership Academy: Lead Like Heroes

Serve Lead Succeed is excited to announce the launch of our new online leadership academy, Lead Like Heroes!

After two years of tremendous planning, creating, and testing, we offer our customers a world-class eLearning platform.

Lead Like Heroes leadership academy offers a blended learning approach to engage all learning styles. Each course includes interactive video, narrator audio, and visual content. Plus, every course contains quizzes to complete and a completion certificate to share on LinkedIn and resumes.

We’re also offering live VIP virtual training classes every month with Teresa Devine, CEO of Serve Lead Succeed, and the brainchild behind Lead Like Heroes Leadership Academy.

The most exciting news is that our Leadership Academy design supports B2C and B2B customers. For individual learners looking to grow their leadership skills and other career-enhancing matters, we deliver unique and affordable programs. For companies looking for a world-class LMS to expand their leadership capabilities, career development, and improve workplace culture, we design comprehensive and custom leadership development programs to meet business goals.

Each program includes a holistic training to ensure tangible and long-term sustainable results. We believe that a well-rounded leader requires well-rounded equipping, and that’s what we deliver.

With twenty years of experience and thousands of hours leading, coaching, and training corporate professionals, we discovered the required ingredients for leadership success. Our success formula contains strengths science, foundational skills, emotional intelligence, and real-world application. Equipping new and emerging leaders with the right combination is the solution for professional development and personal growth.

Our leadership development programs are marathons, not sprints. We see and hear so many stories about failed leadership training attempts that lasted a few hours and quickly forgotten. It’s not that these short sessions are wrong; they are just not effective long-term.

Change does not come easy or overnight. That’s not what we are about, so if that’s the expectation, please move on. Our programs are for serious people.

If you’re a manager, entrepreneur, business owner, individual contributor, new leader, or experienced leader craving more, our programs are for you.

If you’re a leader managing a team or leading a company looking for a real solution for developing high-performance teams and companies, our programs are for you.

If you’re a learning and development manager or a human resources leader responsible for career development, our programs are for you.

Take a test drive with a 30-day FREE trial of Lead Like Heroes Leadership Academy and experience first-hand the quality and value that we offer.

Leadership Academy Programs include:

  • Live certified training sessions with Teresa Devine on Strengths science, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence.

Leadership Academy Course Categories:

  • Administrative Skills
  • Business Essentials
  • Career Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • L&D Training
  • Leadership Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • People & Culture
  • Personal Growth
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building

Join a leadership growth movement. Become a service-driven, confident, well-rounded leader understanding how to lead yourself, others, and teams with intentional impact.

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