Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching Empowers Results

Studies prove that Strengths Coaching is the most effective method for optimal performance. Research shows that developing our natural abilities (our strengths) more than overcoming our weaknesses propels personal growth. In a society that promotes fixing our vulnerabilities presents a severe challenge to reverse thinking towards positive thought.

The Key Benefits of Strengths-based Leaders:


  • Higher performance
  • Improved teamwork
  • Increase in energy
  • Self-awareness & acceptance
  • Significant clarity
  • More confidence
  • Greater work fulfillment
  • More collaborative communications
  • Learning to manage both strengths & weaknesses

Many misinterpret that we shouldn’t focus any energy on weaknesses and accept them as who we are. On the contrary, by focusing on our natural strengths, our positive attributes far outweigh our limitations. We still strive to become better in certain areas that are logical. However, forcing ourselves to become better at an activity that we know we will never succeed or enjoy is meaningless. For example, a person who struggles in math but thrives in English most likely will not make a good accountant. However, they could very well become a famous author.

The CliftonStrengths (FKA StrengthsFinder) assessment unlocks and reveals a person’s talents. We call this their strength DNA. Adding strengths coaching expertise equips leaders with profound intelligence, resulting in greater success at work and life.

Workplace Benefits of Strengths Coaching

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are countless workplace rewards by implementing a strengths-based culture. Strengths coaching for teams in the workplace is the ultimate diversity and inclusion solution on top of team building and employee engagement. Even further, we find studies showing a 26%-72% reduction in turnover rates.

Statistics for individuals and teams that leverage CliftonStrengths (FKA StrengthsFinder) assessments and certified Strengths coaching services:


Why Strengths Coaching Matters

CliftonStrengths assessments and strengths-based leadership coaching is the foundation of our leadership development, programs. We’ve helped numerous clients achieve amazing results after just one session. 

Strengths Coaching Explained

CliftonStrengths identifies the dominant traits of what we do well naturally, with ease. The assessment report delivers customized results that unlock individual talent themes. Each theme reveals an area that the person relates to very well because it is their natural wiring. Immediately, they feel relief, clarity, acceptance, and typically greater confidence. From there, we help them go more in-depth with understanding the talent and increase the strength of their natural abilities.

In the workplace, understanding how every individual contributes reacts and functions uniquely is critical for peak performance. After revealing, teaching, and applying individual strengths, we work with teams to develop team strengths. Our proprietary team grid illuminates the group’s power and weaknesses, and we quickly identify where to focus strengths coaching and team building activities. Watch this brief video…

Gallup strengthsfinder coach

Certified CliftonStrengths Coach – Teresa Devine

Teresa Devine - Certified Strengths Coach

Teresa Devine is the CEO of Serve Lead Succeed and a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach. Teresa completed the initial intensive certification in 2014 but started using and learning strengths in 2009.

“Taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment (re-branded today as CliftonStrengths) dramatically changed my life. Upon receiving my top 5 assessment report, I could see my unique design. It validated certain personality attributes that drive my behavior. In 2011, I led a team-building and employee engagement initiative using Gallup StrengthsFinder assessments with the IT department. Amazingly it broke down personality differences. By applying strengths coaching and training, we improved performance, team camaraderie, and overall loyalty. As you can imagine, I was an immediate believer in the methodology and positive psychology science. Understanding the diversity of our strengths make-up empowers us with personal intelligence to pull from for ourselves and leverage the strengths of others. Ultimately, the Strengths program built team trust and brought us closer together as a business unit .”

Today, Teresa continues to further her strengths daily for peak performance while serving companies who want the same results for their leaders and the entire workforce.

“It’s a life-long passion and personal pursuit to share the power that Strengths offer individuals, teams, and corporations. If we understand the potential of living within our strengths, life is so much sweeter and rewarding.”

Teresa is active in the industry as a proven Strengths Coaching expert. She brings first-hand knowledge on coaching people and teams to flourish within their Strengths-zone. 

“The Strengths-Zone is our sweet spot. It’s where we experience the most energy, joy, focus, and peak performance doing activities that feed our strengths.”

Contact us to learn more about Strengths Coaching and how you and your teams can live within your Strengths-zone!

Certified CliftonStrengths Coach - Teresa Devine


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